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Our Roofing Repair Services in St Louis, Mo

Leak Repair

A leaking roof is no laughing matter. In a short period of time, a leaking roof can do serious damage to your home. It also creates an easy opportunity for black mold spores to form and spread rapidly if not fixed right away. We fix leaking roofs all over St Louis.

Commercial Flat Roofs

There are many types of material on commercial roofs here in St Louis. A lot of companies will try to convince you to replace the whole roof when all you need is some seam repair. We will assess your roof and give the best possible repair.


All it takes is the tiniest of openings. With an opening the size of a pinhead…water finds a way. Once water finds a way into your home it can quickly destroy your safety, comfort, and possessions. Call us for your St Louis area roofing inspection.

Gutter & Siding

A faulty guttering system can contribute to damage to many parts of your property. Siding fades and cracks and when that happens it can allow moisture into your home. Have us take a look at what repairs you may need.  We are a St Louis gutter and siding repair contractor.


Just like a car, your roof needs maintenance. Did you know that $1 spent on maintenance can save you $10 on a replacement?

Have us out today to help save you some money. We know St Louis roofing maintenance for commercial and residential.

Chimney Repairs

Often overlooked, but critically important to the watertight integrity of your roof system, is the chimney. Following are several of the “points of entry” that are a part of your home’s chimney. Call us for all you St Louis roofing and chimney repairs.

Repair-it Roofing Is One-Of-A-Kind St Louis, MO Roofing Company

We don’t replace roofs, We Repair them.


We know the St Louis roofing industry and we know roofs get replaced all the time that don’t need to. As a property owner, you can’t possibly know all there is to know about the various parts of home construction and this especially true with the highest, most out-of-the-way part of your home – your roof.


You don’t need to know about roofs but what you do need is someone who you can rely upon and trust. You can rely upon us because we do not have that conflict of interest of replacing roofs. We just don’t replace roofs. We are the only St Louis roofing contractor that doesn't replace roofs. 


We come out for free and do a 21 point inspection. Based on that inspection we determine what your roof needs and more importantly, what it doesn’t.


We present our findings to you with all the possible solutions so you can make the best possible decision.


Call today for you free 21 point inspection! 314-328-4077.

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